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Traffic monitoring

Support and optimization of traffic management

Worldwide traffic increases constantly. Traffic jams, accidents, lack of parking spaces and environmental damage are the consequences. To reduce this traffic chaos, exact information about traffic flows are indispensable. RIVA IP cameras with intelligent video analytics provide you with all essential information quickly and easily. 


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  • Reduction of traffic jams 

Traffic jams can be stopped or at least reduced due to permanent traffic monitoring.  Whenever a traffic jam starts electronically warning signs can be switched on and traffic jam alert services can be informed directly to notify diversions. Furthermore, traffic lights can be driven depending on traffic flows.


  • Control of parking systems 

Especially in city centers traffic flows are negatively influences by drivers searching for a parking place. Modern parking systems, which receive the required information from RIVA IP cameras, help to reduce this influence. 


  • Prevention & Explanation of accidents

RIVA IP cameras can make a fundamentally contribution to traffic safety. Conspicuously installed cameras prevent accidents. In the event of an accident records can be used to explain accidents easily.  Furthermore speed, red light violations or other traffic rule violations can be detected and so punished.


  • Optimization of public transport 

Also in public transport RIVA IP cameras are often used. On the one hand it guarantees safety of passengers, on the other hand counting passengers helps to optimize timetables. 


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