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RIVA IP Cameras as a marketing tool 

In retail stores surveillance cameras are no longer only used to prevent and explain shoplifting and burglary. Nowadays IP cameras are also used as a marketing tool to analyze customer behavior and thus plan marketing activities and optimize product placement in retail stores. 


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  • Improvement of marketing activities

Analyze your customer behavior with our RIVA IP cameras to plan point of sale activities and to optimize the product placement in your store. With the special VCA video analytic filters customers can be counted easily – even in large groups – and also customer movement as well as length of stay can be analyzed without any problems.  


  • Reduction of cost

Reduce your costs by matching your opening hours and numbers of staff with numbers of your customers. Furthermore, you can keep an eye on all products with RIVA IP cameras and so combat inventory differences. 


  • Improvement of customer service & customer satisfaction

Save your customers time! Don´t let them wait too long at your checkpoints. The intelligent VCA video analytic triggers an alarm whenever too many customers queue at a checkpoint. Don´t let your customers search for your staff. With the VCA counting filter you can analyze how many employees in which department at which time are needed.


  • Enhancement of safety 

Of course you can still use RIVA IP cameras to enhance safety of your staff and customers. Conspicuously installed cameras protect against burglary, shoplifting and vandalism.  Hidden cameras help you to identify offenders. 


Read here how RIVA cameras support the marketing department of the Croatian retail chain Pevec.


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