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Home Security

Optimal protection for your home

More and more people try to protect their homes with the help of surveillance cameras. With RIVA cameras for outdoor applications driveways, garages or gardens can be monitored efficiently. RIVA compact cameras for indoor applications can be installed unobtrusively in order to protect your house in the best possible way.


Homesecurity web


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  • Protection against burglary and vandalism

Conspicuously installed cameras outside your house protect against burglary and vandalism.


  • Explanation of burglary, theft and vandalism

RIVA compact cameras for indoor usage can be installed unobtrusively inside your house and help to explain burglary in the event of it.


  • Insight in your home everywhere and every time

In order to feel calm during holydays or business trips, you can always watch your home at any time from your mobile device. Data is transmitted in real-time. 


Our Camera recommendation for indoor usage:

 kategoriebilder RC302klein kategoriebilder RC3202 6111Wklein kategoriebilder rc3402hd klein kategoriebilder RCC100klein








Our Camera recommendation outdoor usage:

 kategoriebilder RC6702klein kategoriebilder rc6802hd klein