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Health care & nursing homes

Optimum protection for your health 

Hospitals, nursing homes or other health care institutions often fight against theft or insurance fraud. The majority of these problems can be solved with our RIVA IP cameras. But also to protect patients, RIVA IP cameras are used more frequently.   


Gesundheit web


  • Monitoring critical areas 

Monitor your emergency rooms or psychiatric stations to protect your patients. In the event of an emergency an alarm can be sent directly to a doctor or a nurse.  


  • Access control

Especially in hospitals or psychiatric stations there are areas which are subject to strict access controls. With our filter for access control you can check the entrances and exits of these areas.   


  • Prevention and Explanation of theft

Conspicuously installed cameras prevent thefts. Hidden cameras help to explain it.


  • Protection against insurance fraud 

Protect yourself against wrong insurance claims by monitoring your whole facility with our RIVA IP cameras.    


Our camera recommendations:

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