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No risk but fun

In Casinos surveillance cameras are not only preventing against raids, they also help casino owners to fight against game fraud. RIVA IP cameras with intelligent video analytics keep an eye on many different gamblers at the same time and thus discover game fraud easily. 


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  • Uncovering of game fraud

The tricks of the fraudsters are versatile and ranging from marked cards, worthless coins, attempting to distract the croupier to exchange signs with allies. RIVA IP cameras provide excellent images in high quality and a high frame rate. Thus, details can be seen and so fraudsters can be stopped. 


  • Prevention & Explanation of raids

Conspicuously installed cameras prevent theft and raids. Hidden cameras help to explain theft and raids and to identify offenders. RIVA cameras provide very high quality images and thus persons can be identified easily. 


  • Reduction of personnel costs 

With RIVA IP cameras you can keep an eye on many gamblers at the same time from a central position. As a result personnel costs can be reduced significantly.


Our camera recommendations: 

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