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Company profile


vidicore-logo webThe ViDiCore GmbH is a European team of CCTV specialists with focus on network based video technology and video analytics. We have more than 25 years of experience in the security industry and 9 years of experience in the field of IP and megapixel. 


Our beginnings: 


The trading company was founded in 2006 by both Managing Directors Achim Hauschke and Christof Kraka. The original aim was to facilitate international manufacturers of video surveillance technology entry into the European market. Individual sales and marketing strategies raised awareness of new brands and product lines. In addition to marketing and competent consulting, reliable customer support which also included technical support as well as technical trainings was offered.


The RIVA product line:


Logo Riva ohne Schrift webIn 2012 the company introduces his own product line of network based IP video surveillance technology under the brand RIVA. It comprises IP-Cameras, IP-Encoder, IP-Decoder and image stabilizer as well as several accessories.Our powerful and universally deployable Dome, Box, Bullet, Cube, Fish Eye and Thermal Cameras impress with their excellent image quality with resolutions of VGA / D1 up to multi megapixel. The name RIVA stands for Realtime Intelligent Video Analytics, an intelligent 3D-video analytic system, which is already installed in all devices as a standard feature at no extra costs. Additionally to the already installed basic version, several innovative analytic filters for special applications can be purchased at low costs. Due to an intuitive 3D graphic interface, the video analytics can be set up quickly and easy and it is easy to operate.  Furthermore it offers major saving potential. Using special filters, the camera only transfers what is requested and is thereby avoiding continual transmission of large volumes of data.  This relieves any strain on networks and computers and prevents the need for large amounts of memory and storage – especially costs are reduced. Even false alarms can be avoided thanks to predefined target IDs for people, vehicles or other objects. Due to self-learning algorithms, the camera automatically adapts to changes in the environment. This means that changes in lighting conditions caused by cloud formation, for example, or repetitive events such as the movement of leaves on trees are simply ignored.

Learn more about RIVA in our RIVA brand presentation


The RIVA Philosophy: 


The right solution for every need. Whether in supermarkets, at petrol stations, in banks, at airports or in multi-storey car parks, RIVA offers professional solutions for all kind of applications. Depending on the required application, even highly sophisticated solutions such as selectively observing the flow of people, crowds or traffic, or precisely analyzing the frequency of visitors and parking times are possible with intelligent video analytics.  On top, market research and data collection can be conducted quickly and easily. Product placements, shop window decorations and much more can be effectively optimized using our equipment. 


Additional product program:


Additionally to the brand RIVA, IP-network-accessories of the company Veracity and objectives for surveillance cameras of the companies Tamron and Theia are part of the product line-up. 

 VeracityTheiaTamron neu 


Our customers:


The ViDiCore GmbH distributes the whole product line-up worldwide only business to business to exclusive RIVA partners. Here you will find our complete „Where to buy“ overview. You would like to be an exclusive partner, feel free to contact us. 


Our locations:


RIVA headquarter in Hückelhoven, Deutschland


VCA development & production in London, UK


Part of the production & development in Colorado, USA


Main production of the cameras in Seoul, South Korea